Special constable

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SPECIAL CONSTABLE. One who has been appointed a constable for a particular occasion, as in the case of an actual tumult or a riot, or for the purpose of serving a particular process.

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She added no decision had yet been taken on whether to recruit a new special constable for the island, which now has no police presence.
Special constables do not at the moment receive payment -whether they are asked to direct traffic at a village flower show or apprehend a violent criminal.
Following initial training over four weekends, special constables take up duties at a police station supported by a tutor constable.
special constable |Stuart Clarke on duty in Holmfirth
But it was in 1831, that the government passed the Special Constables Act, legally recognising the appointment of voluntary SCs.
Mary decided to become a Special Constable after a friend at work mentioned they were recruiting.
People from many walks of life become specials: we currently have Special Constables who are students, lorry drivers, schoolteachers.
If you are interested in becoming a special constable call Sgt Erskine on 029 2077 4710 or the South Wales Police recruitment and promotion assessment unit on 01656 869225.
Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told by lawyer Douglas McKinnon that Swanson, who lives with his fiance and child in Stevenston, Ayrshire, was "shame-faced" at losing his position of special constable.
It will also be recruiting for 40 special constables and will close recruitment when 200 applications have been submitted.
The World War Two Special Constable long service medals were made for 50 men who held special constable posts in the Second World War.
Investigators found that four Durham Constabulary officers, PC Terry Hill, PC Richard Clark, Special Constable Jeanette Horlock, and Sgt Jack Clark, could have cases to answer.
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