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SPECIAL DEPOSIT. A deposit made of a particular thing with the depositary: it is distinguished from an irregular deposit.
     2. When a thing has been specially deposited with a depositary, the title to it remains with the depositor, and if it should be lost, the loss will fall upon him. When, on the contrary, the deposit is irregular, as where money is deposited in a bank, the title to which is transferred to the bank, if it be, lost, the loss will be borne by the bank. This will result from the same principle; the loss will fall, in both instances, on the owner of the thing, according to the rule res perit domino. See 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1 054.

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He said the bank offered special deposit schemes for NRIs and also could book forward contracts for clients who wanted to hedge balances in rupee deposits.
The Fed, working with the Treasury Department, said both agencies believe the facility is necessary to prevent substantial disruptions to the financial markets and the economy, and will make a special deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in support of this facility.
She was a special deposit teller at Shawmut Bank in Worcester retiring in 1993.
Special deposit insurance assessment to help recapitalize the deposit insurance fund for savings institutions.
To contain inflationary pressures, the Bank of Taiwan set up a special deposit program on November 7, 1945, and prohibited the circulation of notes issued after the Japanese surrender.
25 per cent levy on interest earned, a special deposit account to pay grants to small credit unions to cover the cost of items such as software, registrations fees and welcome packs for members.
Be aware that such things as "free checking" may be free only for a limited time or have special deposit requirements.
Under the new arrangements banks are required to employ their own funds and the refinance proceeds are held back by the State Bank of Pakistan in a special deposit account and on these deposits, remuneration at the last auction of weighted average rate of TBs is paid to the banks.
Avertisements blossomed in the pages of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, promoting CDs and other special deposit deals to be had in towns and at rates that the Cleavers had never heard of.
Anniversary offers will appear through the Casino Titan site that will include special deposit offers, free credits, extra loyalty points and many other surprises to players throughout the week.
The rate that the bank pays lenders for overnight deposits is at 4 percent, and the rate for special deposit accounts remains at 2.

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