Special injunction

SPECIAL INJUNCTION. One obtained only on motion and petition, with notice to the other party, and is applied for, sometimes on affidavit before answer, but more frequently upon merits disclosed in the defendant's answer. 4 Bouv. lust. n. 3756. See Injunction.

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Anticipating something of the sort, Galileo brought with him a letter from Cardinal Bellarmine expressly denying that he had been given any special injunction beyond the general decree of 1616 forbidding only the defending or holding of Copernicanism.
The Attorney General's Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section simultaneously filed a motion for special injunction and for preliminary injunction that asks the court to immediately require that the defendants cease all illegal operations until the lawsuits are decided.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney General Tom Corbett today filed a civil lawsuit and a special injunction against Pennsylvania-based Peoples Benefit Services Inc.
The complaint and special injunction is the result of a 20-month multi-state investigation by Corbett and Attorneys General from Arkansas, Illinois and Massachusetts into the business practices of Peoples Benefit Services Inc.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney General Jerry Pappert today filed a civil lawsuit and Special Injunction against the owners of a Blair County bridal business that officially closed their Pennsylvania stores before delivering the bridal gowns and wedding party apparel that dozens of customers purchased for their upcoming weddings.
The lawsuit and Special Injunction was filed in Commonwealth Court.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- In a stunning victory for workers, a federal judge in Fort Lauderdale yesterday slapped Point Blank Body Armor, a key government contractor and sole supplier of bulletproof vests used by combat troops, with a special injunction requiring the company to reinstate 175 striking workers and three employees illegally fired for pro-union activity.
Attorney General Mike Fisher today filed a second lawsuit seeking a special injunction to immediately shut down a Lycoming County dog breeder accused of selling sick, diseased, and/or genetically flawed puppies to more than 35 consumers in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.
The suit and special injunction were filed against Keith and Dee Ann Chambers, doing business as Oakridge Kennels and Oakridge Shepherds, 1523 Bloomingrove Rd.
In an effort to block its logo from being replaced with a Bud Ice insignia, the brewery sought a Special injunction this afternoon against PrimeSports/KBL, but the motion was denied because under the circumstances the brewery was unable to provide adequate notice to the other parties.
claims, as well as a series of special injunctions.
Court the unique power to enter the special injunctions.

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