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The book also breaks fresh ground by tracing the role of special interest groups through presidential papers and official documents.
We believe that Wal-Mart, by providing goods to shoppers at the lowest possible price and playing a positive role in the community, has benefited working families far more than any special interest group," said Galloway.
Through our joint commitment and the valuable feedback loop of JDA's Special Interest Groups, we look forward to helping retailers and their suppliers further improve how they sell and operate today and in the future.
Newly Elected Special Interest Group Chairs for 2005-2007
Portfolio Merchandise Operations(TM) and Store Systems(TM) Special Interest Group Chairs
Our PeopleSoft Special Interest Group (SIG) has been growing over the past five years, and with this acquisition, we believe this presents a great opportunity for the two communities to grow closer together.
The Security Network sponsors Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to address areas of concern such as border, port, transportation, critical infrastructure, healthcare and first responder security, as well as security command structure/system architecture and commercial and residential security.
Voters, by a three-to-one margin, believe that elected representatives are more easily influenced or manipulated by special interest groups than the voting public.
John chairs the OAUG Upgrade Special Interest Group, as well as the Release 10.
During the event, the OAUG Retail Industry Special Interest Group (SIG) will meet on Monday, June 13, from 1-3:15 p.
Benz also is a member of the OAUG's Central States Special Interest Group, an organization that deals with Oracle-related issues.
Connection Point was attended by more than 1,500 visitors who took part in more than 160 educational sessions and presentations, 18 Geographic User Group (Geo) meetings and 48 Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings.

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