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SPECIAL ISSUE, pleading. A plea to the action which denies some particular material allegation, which is in effect a denial of the entire right of action. It differs from the general issue which traverses or denies the whole declaration or indictment. Gould. on Pl. c. 2, Sec. 38. See General Issue; Issue.

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ASME's Journal of Manufacturing Engineering and Science is offering a special issue on thermally assisted manufacturing through the ASME Digital Collection.
Guy Assaker) and all those who have contributed to make this special issue a success story.
David "Mitch" Mitchell served as the Guest Editor for the special issue on Micro Financing and Entrepreneurship.
Title: Review of Development Economics Special Issue: Climate Change and Economic Development
Please pay special attention to the Call for Papers (CFP) for a special issue on Online IS Education for the 21st Century and a CFP for Healthcare Information Systems--From the Classroom to Patient.
In this atmosphere, the authors in this special issue examine the importance of the 2012 presidential primary and general election debates.
The editors of this special issue of QRDE are of the opinion--in a belief shared with many in the community--that their roles as faculty are not simply limited to executing a predefined curriculum during a specific semester time frame; the faculty role also involves working with students to help ensure that they maximize their academic experiences as they prepare themselves for leadership roles in the field.
It was your passion, expertise and tireless commitment to educating others about social inequalities in health that inspired and brought to fruition this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health.
With the vision, insight, and commitment to openly address the life and cost crisis experienced at or near death, our Special Issue Guest Editors Dr.
We believe that this special issue represents a unique opportunity for our readers to be introduced to academic work done outside Canada that addresses gender issues from a variety of perspectives as well as from other realities and contexts.
2 (2010): Special Issue: "Women, Children and Addiction." Issue ed.: Loretta P.
It will be our special issue on end-of-life care in the ICU.

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