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SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP. Special or limited partnerships are of two kinds; 1. Those at common law. 2. Limited partnerships, or those in commendam.
     2. Special partnerships at common law, are those formed for a particular or special branch of business, as contradistinguished from the general business of the parties, or of one of them.
     3. A limited or special partnership, under special acts of assembly, may be found in several states. In such partnerships some of the partners are liable as general partners, while others are responsible only to the extent of the capital they have furnished. See 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1472, 1473, and In Commendam; Partnership.

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I think the most important thing now is for us to look to the horizon, to raise our eyes to the horizon, think about the future, think about the new partnership - the deep and special partnership - that we want to build with our friends.
The UK left the EU, but would continue to aim towards deep and special partnership with a secure and prospering EU'', Theresa May also wrote to PM Borisov, adding that she was sure that the lasting, healthy, bilateral relations between the UK and Bulgaria would be in the interest of the two countries, as well as Europe and the world.
May's letter to Tusk, which she quoted from to parliament on Wednesday, said Britain and the EU must work together to minimize disruption and provide as much certainty as possible, and that a deep, special partnership was in the best interests of both sides.
For more than 20 years, BNP Paribas has been involved in a special partnership with European cinema.
A special partnership between the Mustard Seed of Brandon, which serves adults with developmental disabilities, and the Grassroots Candle Company of Columbus, which makes candles using pure soy wax and 100 percent essential oil blends, has resulted in a unique candle creation that helps support the Mustard Seed's fundraising and outreach efforts.
The 'together' aspect highlights the special partnership we have with our customers: they can focus on their project in total confidence knowing that we will be there when they need us.
Level 2 Animal Care students listened to a talk by Lin Stapley in the Library, about her experiences with her guide dog Woody, the work and history of the Guide Dogs charity, developments for the future and Lin and Woody's special partnership.
The match-day collection is taking place at the Nottingham Forest fixture on Saturday thanks to a special partnership the charity has formed with the Birmingham based EZE Group Foundation.
Kempinski began the special partnership with Sadiq Farms in February 2013, when executive chef Stefanos Melianos met owner Sadiq Mirza at the regular Saturday morning Farmers Market in Budaiya.
According to China Daily, a representative for Alibaba said that both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq had accepted the e-commerce company's special partnership structure.
Manama, July 22 (Petra) aAC" Undersecretary of the Bahraini Foreign Ministry for Regional Affairs and the GCC Hamad Al Amer said cooperation with Jordan was aimed at fostering a special partnership.
We're excited about this special partnership with Samsung TVs which delivers the Yala experience with an amazing innovative quality, in every living room around the world.

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