Special pleader

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SPECIAL PLEADER, Eng. practice. A special pleader is a lawyer whose professional occupation is to give verbal or written opinions upon statements submitted to him, either in writing or verbally, and to draw pleadings, civil or criminal, and such practical proceedings as may be out of the general course. 2 Chit. Pr. 42.

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Authors have been replaced by a long list of contributors, censors, and special pleaders, concerned first of all that history meets their particular goals.
The fact that a half-dozen special pleaders contact the newsroom, or light up a chatroom, doesn't make their cause one of broad or enduring interest.
opponents as special pleaders, reactionaries, xenophobes, and racists.
In the past, Republicans had timidly called for small reductions in both levies, sounding like special pleaders asking for a loophole.
We must fight against the staging and manipulation of news by politicians, lobbyists, and other special pleaders - something that calls, in turn, for more well-trained journalists.
When cynical, misleading ads backed by big-moneyed special pleaders drown out rational political debate?
If George Washington had spent his time listening to the special pleaders in the Revolution, we wouldn't have a country.
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