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SPECIAL PROPERTY. This term is used as synonymous with qualified or limited property. It is that property which is not perfect in the hands of the possessor, but his right is qualified or limited; as, where a person is possessed of an animal ferae naturae, he has a property in such animal, but this is not a general right, for if the animal should escape, and be taken by another person, the latter only would have a special property in it.
     2. Again, a person may have a special property in a chattel in consequence of the peculiar circumstances of the owner; a bailee, for example, has a special property in the thing bailed. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 475 to 477.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Melfyn Williams, managing director of Bangor-based Williams and Goodwin, The Property People and auctioneer for the All-Wales Auction brand appeared on a special property edition of Dragon's Den for PPS live property computer show.
John D Bradway, director of marketing for the resort, said, 'Based on my experience with MDG at a major U.-based luxury resort, MDG has the perfect credentials to handle the needs of this very storied and special property. We are very careful with whom we partner, as the Round Hill brand requires diligent effort to maintain its authentic past while positioning itself for new generations.'
Quiet and intimate, this very special property is strategically located at the midpoint of legendary, exciting Duval Street in Old Town Key West--walking distance to everything.
The 2010 edition, like its predecessor form, maintains the use of a single special property coverage form.
Their special property profile targets medical-sector needs such as biocompatibility.
A special property seminar will be held at the Al Fanar Hall from 10am to 1pm on all three days to provide technical details to participants, including information on finance, legal norms and taxation.
This special property also boasts an entertainment room, a boys den and a seperate study.
A real estate expert said: "It's a very special property. She will have important neighbours." The apartment is in the prestigious 173 Perry Street block, designed by architect Richard Meier.[R]P It is located in the city's West Village area and lies just half a mile from a store owned by Heather's ex-stepdaughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney.
Using plain language, Hopkins addresses such topics as contributions of money and property; timing of charitable deductions; estate and gift tax considerations; special property rules; and planned giving.
In the other case, Banaitis, 340 F3d 1074 (2003), the Ninth Circuit had held that the portion of the recovery paid to the attorney as a contingent fee is excluded from the plaintiff's gross income only if state law gives the plaintiff's attorney a special property interest in the fee.
``Plot 15 is a particularly special property, not least because it features a spacious self-contained room above the garage which could find a multitude of uses.

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