Special trust

SPECIAL TRUST. A special trust, is one where a trustee is interposed for the execution of some purpose particularly pointed out, and is not, as in the case of a simple trust, a mere passive depositary of the estate, but is required to exert himself actively in the execution of the settler's intention; as, where a conveyance is made to trustees upon trust to reconvey, or to sell for the payment of debts. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1896. See Trust.

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033 billion had been "transferred from the UC-SCC special trust fund account to PSALM's UC-SCC special fund account," which is in keeping also with the approved guidelines of disbursement and utilization laid down by its board.
Pittman, PLLC, have come together to offer the opportunity to create a special trust to reflect unique disposition wishes for families' frozen reproductive tissues.
THE WILLIAM HEUGHAN ASSOCIATED SPECIAL TRUST MUSICAL DIRECTOR The Trust are looking for a musical director to establish and direct the William Heughan Memorial Choir with effect from February 2018.
All the funds would be held in four special trust accounts of the National Treasury.
The special powers which citizens confer on police officers are inseparable from the obligations of special trust placed in police officers to enable them to do their duty," Sir Thomas said.
The special powers police officers enjoy are conditional on honouring the special trust we place in them.
05 billion to the Special Trust Funds, a standby sum meant to support relief aid for up to five years.
All of the money raised by the team is going into a special trust fund for Geraint, whose courage saw him win the Inspirational Child category in the UK-wide WellChild Awards 2015.
A special trust called a "qualified domestic trust," or QDOT, provides a way for noncitizen spouses to inherit assets free of estate tax.
For example, a wealthy retired couple who wish to help their alma mater might place their retirement investment portfolio into a special trust fund that is administered by an intermediary, with the couple entitled to regular payments for the rest of their lives and the university entitled to the balance of the portfolio upon the death of both spouses.
Belanger, a 19th Circuit judge, noted that when he was 27, his military commission from the President of the United States read: "Know ye that, reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of Robert Belanger, I do appoint him Second Lieutenant in the United States Marines Corps.
In this regard, it is advisable to create a special Trust Fund for the Aral Sea and the Aral Sea area under the aegis of UN, he added.

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