Special verdict

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special verdict

n. the jury's decisions or findings of fact with the application of the law to those facts left up to the judge, who will then render the final verdict. This type of limited verdict is used when the legal issues to be applied are complex or require difficult computation.

SPECIAL VERDICT, practice. A special verdict is one by which the facts of the case are put on the record, and the law is submitted to the judges. Vide Verdict; Bac. Ab. Verdict, D.

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At common law, a general verdict of "guilty"--as opposed to a special verdict that made particular factual findings--was thought to convict the defendant of every allegation in the indictment.
He told the jury: "The public interest would no longer be served by a special verdict.
1978) ("We do not hold that the trial court's refusal to submit the special verdict here was an abuse of discretion, much less that such refusal constituted reversible error.
Zang,(62) the Tenth Circuit considered the adequacy of criminal defendants' waiver of the Rule 31(e) special verdict right.
There is no need to remove from the hands of the jury the ultimate application of law to fact, as the special verdict does.
16 Issues on Crashworthiness and "Enhanced Injury" Claim; and Model Instruction 7 and Special Verdict Form.
However, guided as we have been during this case by the views of the experts, we have reached the conclusion that the public interest would no longer be served by continuing to seek a special verdict from you.
Since the hospital was a party to the suit, the trial court's decision to exclude the hospital from the special verdict form and the jury instruction explaining to whom fault could be attributed was erroneous.
The patient timely requested a special verdict form wherein the jury, before which the case was tried, was directed to answer the following questions: Question No.
Plaintiff counsel seeking a punitive award should use a special verdict form addressing the various elements that constitute grounds for a punitive damages award under the applicable law," he said.
A Swansea Crown Court jury of six men and six women took five minutes to reach a unanimous special verdict of not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.
The jury deliberated for almost five weeks, after having been given 133 individual jury instructions and a 30 page special verdict form proposed by Boeing that contained 131 separate questions for the jury to answer.

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