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We've all had enough of special-interest groups that mistake vitriol delivered at high decibel levels for political discourse.
BE: Political observers say Republican Party appeals to race and opposition to taxes and "special-interest groups" have wooed white, mostly male moderates and conservatives.
The Iron Triangle of elected officials, bureaucrats, and special-interest groups tends to "warp planning to their own ends rather than to the public interests."
political parties and politicians will be unable to stand for broad unifying principles, and will likely continue to be defined by new special-interest groups seeking "their share." Either the two-party system will splinter into a multiparty system with parties being defined by more limited special interests, or the schizophrenic two parties will become so bitter and antagonistic that the country will be divided.
The normal flow of news concerns special-interest groups and their constituencies, not those on the fringes or others pushing society in new and different directions.
Resin-company defections will affect SPI's budget for the fiscal year starting June 1, not so much for basic dues as for support of special-interest groups like the Plastic Pipe Institute and Polystyrene Packaging Council, both of which left SPI this year.
you're being told some DEADLY LIES by greedy corporations and powerful special-interest groups.
While some consider the causes that special-interest groups represent understandable or even noteworthy in nature, they remain separated from traditional law-abiding special-interest groups because of their criminal activity.
"The FASB needs to remain independent, free from the political process and special-interest groups. The guiding principle needs to be what standard is best for the investing public--that's who FASB and its standards are there to protect."
These bills to restrict free speech about politicians are being pushed by powerful members of Congress of both political parties, in alliance with President Clinton and well-funded special-interest groups such as the League of Women Voters and Common Cause.
"In the communities where certain special-interest groups have made it their goal to impose an anti-choice point of view, those communities' activists were not put forward to be appointed by the board.
BAT networks with more than 100 black professional organizations, social clubs and special-interest groups.

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