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We must make sure that boundaries are drawn not to reward special-interest groups, but to make sure that we get the best district for the Valley with a common interest among its residents and other portions of the district.
Under the traditional understanding of representative government, special-interest groups who dissent from government policy are invited to lobby and persuade and have the same right as every other citizen to vote their interest in elections.
I guess we could assert that the Republican Party is the party of the right-wing ideological special-interest groups that control it, and that would be no more valid than their assertions about us.
special-interest groups, whether formal or informal, splinter the Democratic message.
District Court and indicates that the special-interest groups will seek injunctive relief restraining the Forest Service from approving or authorizing any action related to the Crown Jewel project.
Regardless of the desirability of requiring the public to pay for certain things, it should be recognized that special-interest groups expend a lot of effort to get subsidies for those things from which they receive enjoyment and profit.

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