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We must make sure that boundaries are drawn not to reward special-interest groups, but to make sure that we get the best district for the Valley with a common interest among its residents and other portions of the district.
special-interest groups, whether formal or informal, splinter the Democratic message.
Regardless of the desirability of requiring the public to pay for certain things, it should be recognized that special-interest groups expend a lot of effort to get subsidies for those things from which they receive enjoyment and profit.
A vote for Measure R is an opportunity to rein in the special-interest groups and bring an end to the ``pay to play'' era at City Hall.
Resin-company defections will affect SPI's budget for the fiscal year starting June 1, not so much for basic dues as for support of special-interest groups like the Plastic Pipe Institute and Polystyrene Packaging Council, both of which left SPI this year.
While some consider the causes that special-interest groups represent understandable or even noteworthy in nature, they remain separated from traditional law-abiding special-interest groups because of their criminal activity.

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