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Continued avoidance of doctors reinforced her fear and phobia -- which developed into a Specific Phobia Anxiety Disorder.
Fears, anxieties and cognitive-behavioral treatment of specific phobias in youth.
The CD in this condition presented two anxiety-reduction and management techniques common within CBT for specific phobia as "some strategies to help better manage both your mind and body's reaction to stressful and frightening situations.
School phobia may also manifest as a result of social phobia or specific phobia.
person with a specific phobia about dogs is not going to help a person
Forty five participants diagnosed with specific phobia flying (n = 42) or panic disorder with a primary fear of flying (n = 3) were randomly assigned to one of the three treatment conditions (n =15 per group).
Significant associations were found for bipolar I, bipolar II, specific phobia, and histrionic and antisocial personality disorder.
The DSM-IV diagnoses reported herein, and included in the AUDADIS-IV, were alcohol- and drug-specific abuse and dependence (excluding nicotine dependence), major depression, dysthymia, mania, hypomania, panic disorder with and without agoraphobia, social phobia, specific phobia, and generalized anxiety disorder.
born counterparts to have alcohol and drug use disorders, major depression, dysthymia, mania, hypomania, panic disorder, social and specific phobia, and generalized anxiety disorders.
A specific phobia is a fear of a particular object or situation.
Dhar said: "This is more common because people have different phobias and it is easier to connect those phobias and make up another one, as opposed to having a single bad experience that would trigger a specific phobia.