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("Form is the essential, specifical [sic], modification of the
This convention of essential accidents, being taken (not any of them apart, but all) together for the specifical difference that constitutes the body and discriminates it from all other sorts of bodies, is by one name, because considered as one collective thing, called its form.
They were said to be planning to restrict Mr Vandevelde to bonuses that depend on achieving specifical financial targets.
Specifical ly, they would be able to employ any one of the following approaches in their separately issued financial statements, regardless of whether or not they are legally separate entities:
If these essays show some of the ways in which historians and literary critics can spark off each other, they also underline some of the specific areas in which work still has to be done - on the nature and interpretation of satire, on appropriate ways to confront and negotiate topicalities, and (more broadly) on the analysis of culture and the problem of the circumscription of specifical textual domains, notably that of the 'literary'.
In contrast, structure search specifical examines the hypermedia structure for subnetworks that match a given pattern.
And therefor to bring this question to its proper state, we are to consider, that the human Nature hath something in it, that is common to other things, as wel as it, (f) & something that is proper specifical and appropriate (g) to him as constituted in specie humana [human kind].
Both BPA and phthalates have been linked to reproductive health problems in both men and women; specifical ly, prostate cancer, breast cancer, thyroid disorders, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS.1 Recently, these chemicals have been discovered to disrupt more than hormones in the body and are now being linked to cardiovascular disease.

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