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SPECIMEN. A sample; a part of something by which the other may be known.
     2. The act of congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires the inventor or discoverer of an invention or discovery to accompany his petition and specification for a patent with specimens of ingredients, an of the composition of matter, sufficient in quantity for the purpose of experiment, where the invention or discovery is of the composition of matter.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dobson's own original work are a sufficient guarantee of the taste and discrimination we may look for in a collection like this, in which the random lightnings of the first of the essayists are grouped under certain heads--"Character Sketches," "Tales and Incidents," "Manners and Fashions," and the like--so as to diminish, for the general reader, the scattered effect of short essays on a hundred various subjects, and give a connected, book-like character to the specimens.
The industrious reader, indeed, might select out of these specimens from Steele, a picture, in minute detail, of the characteristic manners of that time.
Accordingly, having made everything snug in camp, the party, Tom and Ned equipped with electric rifles, and the professor with a butterfly net and specimen boxes, set forth.
If you'll stop to lunch I'll prove you this time travelling up to the hilt, specimen and all.
We were accompanied by the son of a neighbouring farmer -- a good specimen of a wild Brazilian youth.
I had some difficulty in catching a specimen of this frog.
You will observe from the cartilage that this is no fossil specimen, but recent.
It may interest you to know that I succeeded in shooting that particular specimen. It was the only absolute proof of my experiences which I was able to bring away with me."
Notre-Dame de Paris is, in particular, a curious specimen of this variety.
"You must not take that fellow to be any specimen of Southern planters," said he.
He told me it was a fine specimen of Robinsoniana, or something dreadful of that kind.
"I believe he thinks that Monmouth married me on purely scientific principles as the best specimen he could find of a modern butterfly."