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Sir Thomas, after a moment's thought, recommended speculation.
Very well," was her ladyship's contented answer; "then speculation, if you please, Mrs.
All the agreeable of her speculation was over for that hour.
A tendency to speculation, though it may keep women quiet, as it does man, yet makes her sad.
In the beginnings of literature and philosophy, amid the first efforts of thought and language, more inconsistencies occur than now, when the paths of speculation are well worn and the meaning of words precisely defined.
It is in the fifth, sixth, and seventh books that Plato reaches the "summit of speculation," and these, although they fail to satisfy the requirements of a modern thinker, may therefore be regarded as the most important, as they are also the most original, portions of the work.
Vice Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi elaborated on the last audio recordings leaked in the social media and on the speculations that he will resign from function, for "Zhurnal".
With the unfortunate ending of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," various speculations on how Emma Stone's character Gwen Stacy will make an appearance in the third installment of the superhero movie begin to emerge.
Many countries have a lot of observations about the issue of speculation in food commodities, but there are those who see the speculation as a means to support the productivity of the agricultural sector, we must not restrict such speculations.
Swiss-based commodities trader and natural resources group Glencore International refused on Friday to comment on market speculations that it was discussing the acquisition of Italian commodity warehouse operator Pacorini Group, Reuters reported, citing a Glencore spokesman.
Sibley's informed speculations since 1962, including important support for the 1976-84 study.
Eltringham traces the speculations about the secretions' antibiotic powers to observations that hippo wounds tend not to get infected, even though male hippos fight viciously over territory.