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Marketmen said raising of bets by speculators on the back of strong demand from consuming industries in the spot market kept mentha oil prices higher in futures trade.
National, on the other hand, is essentially selling off public land to the highest bidder with its plan to build 16,000 market houses that are officially not affordable and allow speculators to buy these houses.
BEIRUT: The shares of real estate company Solidere fell in the past two days after a spate of profit taking by speculators who made reasonable return on their short term investments, brokers said Wednesday.
Each year since then the number of property speculators has increased.
Motoring groups say financial speculators have forced up wholesale prices.
Funds and other large speculators have been adding to positions betting on higher prices since October, even as prices have continued their seven month rout, hitting a new a new 5-1/2 year low below $48 a barrel.
The majority of the investors, who have the holding power, and those who are not short term speculators, don't get affected.
Mayyaleh had warned speculators recently of the risk of their actions, saying that the CBS will take measures that will result in heavy losses for those who attempt to manipulate the stability of the SYP exchange rate.
The topic was kept secret in a bid to avoid panic that speculators may force Bulgaria into devaluation, just as it happened in Hungary, for instance," Minister Simeon Djankov said in an interview for Sega daily.
For some time the prices of energy, petrol, diesel and now food have been inflated as a result of speculators buying huge stocks from producers and creating an artificial shortage until prices rise.
So yet again as the speculators line their pockets, it is us car drivers, van drivers and businesses who are paying through the nose at the pumps.
Yet, when it comes to the price of oil and fuel, a significant portion of the population believes that Wall Street speculators are responsible for driving prices above the level supported by the fundamentals of supply and demand.