Speech Plus

Speech Plus

A form of expression in which behavior is used by itself or in coordination with written or spoken words to convey an idea or message.

Speech plus, which is known as Symbolic Speech, involves the communication of ideas through the combination of language and action—such as the burning of a draft card while stating opposition to the military—as opposed to pure speech, which involves the use of written or oral words alone. Like any other mode of expression, speech plus may be entitled to protection from interference by the government pursuant to the guarantee of the First Amendment to the Constitution, depending upon the nature of the expression, the circumstances in which it is expressed, and the danger it poses to society. Speech plus is often called speech plus conduct.


Freedom of Speech.

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"Speech plus music doesn't lose its speech character," she stated, noting that "If the event is focused on expressing views and grievances, it is a demonstration".
Duterte, who is known for his funny anecdotes and witty one-liners, patiently sat through Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's almost 50-paragraph opening speech plus its French translation during the 40th ASEAN-Canada Commemorative Summit.
By January 2003 Sharon had resigned from her three mornings a week half-day job and was suffering from 'chronic sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, impaired vision, pins and needles around her head and down the back of her shoulders and ongoing slurred speech plus loss of libido'.
which can be viewed as setting the components of the noise subspace to zero, and performing a magnitude subtraction in the speech plus noise subspace.
It's quite simple really, it is called free speech plus democracy.
The text of the keynote speech plus six full papers comprise this proceedings volume of the International Workshop on System Support for Future Mobile Computing Applications (Orange County, September 2006).
After the speech plus one question, Chung posed for 15 minutes of photos outside with Korean students who made up the majority of the audience.