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READING. The act of making known the contents of a writing or of a printed document.
     2. In order to enable a party to a contract or a devisor to know what a paper contains it must be read, either by the party himself or by some other person to him. When a person signs or executes a paper, it will be presumed that it has been read to him, but this presumption may be rebutted.
     3. In the case of a blind testator, if it can be proved that the will was not read to him, it cannot be sustained. 3 Wash. C C. R. 580. Vide 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 2012.

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When I got the procedure and proceeded with vocal rehabilitation, I gradually learned to accept sounds and appreciate how much better the CI helped me in understanding speech, as opposed to just speech reading without sound,'' she said.
An oral education approach is the approach in which children who are deaf or hard of hearing, receive input through speech reading, the amplification of sound, and express themselves through speech (Blazek, 2002).
While demonstrating respect for personal choice, RSS instructors explain some of the limitations of speech reading (often referred to as "lip reading" by some).

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