Speeding and wreckless driving ticket

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Country: United States of America
State: Georgia

I received a speeding ticket and a wreck less driving ticket a few months ago. they took me to jail and would not release me until I paid the fine. I paid it and they released me and said that it was over and that I would not have to go to court. well now they say I have to go or I will be charged with failure to appear. I am in the navy and do not live in Georgia. it isn't easy for me to just go. I got them to continue my case because it would have been impossible for me to go on the day they said. my next court date will be in January and im not sure what they want from me. I have already paid them with money and a few hours of my time. do I need a lawyer? do I need to bring money for court costs? I don't know whats going on.


Ask them to state in writing why it is not settled and if they indeed are continuing it, you will unfortunately have to hire counsel--
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