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We put up a good fight, but they beat us fair and square, but see yah next year," said Chriztine Foltz of the Spellbinders to the Word Sleuths.
Having grown up listening to various spellbinders on the lawn of the Caddo Parish courthouse in Shreveport, La.
When it comes to fantasy and fable, myth and marvels, the spellbinders of the Cardiff Initiative Ltd leave J K Rowling rigid as they go to town on Our Town's centenary and 50 years a city.
In a 1983 comment Buechner uses the same expression, claiming that with the loss of Union Theological Seminary's prominent voices, such as those of Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich, we have returned to an era of "spellbinding" and now "hear more about the spellbinders, like Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts" (qtd.
It also led to the religiously syncretic construction of "whiteness" within the Ku Klux Klan's own quasi-mystical beliefs that mixed occult science, Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, Masonic, and magical elements to ward off the powerful effects of the "born African orator," the vodou "medicine-man in an African jungle," and the "savage spellbinders.
Among the well known names will be Bernard Matthews which, this year, is focusing on its children's range with the launch of Spellbinders and Turkey 2K2 -- both shaped turkey pieces in crispy crumb -- and Pork Tendersteaks, an unbreadcrum bed alternative to steaks and burgers.
In addition to the obvious verbal intoxications produced by demagogic spellbinders, there is the more dignified kind of spellbinding among intellectuals produced by what may be called the scholastic tradition.
In his important 1952 survey of the Jewish labor movement, Herberg concludes, "The excited election campaigns in the big Jewish centers, the great political rallies addressed by Jewish and non-Jewish Socialist spellbinders, did more to integrate the Jewish worker into American political life than any number of civics classes or formal Americanization programs could possibly have done.
In that continent, the word can describe anyone from a person who attempts to heal people of illnesses (with varying degrees of success) to potentially dangerous spellbinders whose psychological hold over people can be fatal.