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We put up a good fight, but they beat us fair and square, but see yah next year," said Chriztine Foltz of the Spellbinders to the Word Sleuths.
His notoriously lengthy spellbinders "The Dragon's Trilogy," "The Seven Streams of the River Ota" and "The Far Side of the Moon" famously matched quantity and quality.
There is little drama in the common law to compare with anything brutish spellbinders can do to rally crowds with loudspeakers of tom-toms or buzz-words or to stupify a populace with swift executions of justice.
It has not come home to them that the fraudulent promoter "devours widows' houses," that the monopolist "grinds the faces of the poor," that mercenary editors and spellbinders "put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
In London, John Martin, for one, soon occupied the territory staked out by West, exhibiting mammoth spellbinders in, among other places, Piccadilly's Egyptian Hall, where the "Raft of the Medusa" already had been shown.
Having grown up listening to various spellbinders on the lawn of the Caddo Parish courthouse in Shreveport, La.
When it comes to fantasy and fable, myth and marvels, the spellbinders of the Cardiff Initiative Ltd leave J K Rowling rigid as they go to town on Our Town's centenary and 50 years a city.