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SPELLING, The art of putting the proper letters in words.
     2. It is a rule that when it appears with certainty what is meant, bad spelling will not avoid a contract; for example, where a man agreed to pay thirty pounds, he was held bound to pay thirty pounds; and sentence was holden to be seventeen. Cro. Jac. 607; 10 Coke, 133, a; 2 Roll. Ab. 147.
     3. Even in an indictment undertood has been holden as understood. 1 Chit. Cr. Law.
     4. A misspelling of a name in a declaration, will not be sufficient to defeat the plaintiff, on the ground of variance between the writing produced, and the declaration, if such name be idem sonans; as Kay for Key. 16 East, 110; 2 Stark. 29; Segrave for Seagrave. 2 Str. 889. See Idem Sonans.

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Freebody & Luke, 2003, and earlier, Wray, Medwell, Fox & Poulson, 2000) teachers tend to approach spelling as a task of rote memorisation or drill, and this view is reflected in the use of the dominant spelling strategy Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check (LSCWC or variations on the theme).
Spelling is viewed as an important part of the English curriculum in many schools; yet varied approaches to spelling instruction have been adopted, such as the rote memorisation of whole words and phonics instruction (Westwood, 2013).
However, McDermott apologizes for his wrongdoing and tells Spelling that cheating on her was his worst nightmare.
The survey was commissioned to mark Mencap's Spellathon Championships, and chief executive Mark Goldring said: "This survey has highlighted that many Britons have a false impression about their spelling ability.
Students can experience the elation and excitement of the competition and hone their spelling skills by watching the excerpts of the event on Ten Sports Channel.
Simply put: To use spell-check, one needs to know how to spell, just as one must know how to find the correct spelling in a paper dictionary or thesaurus - an existing writing assessment resource.
The study says as people type at speed online, there is now a "general attitude" that there is no need to correct mistakes or conform to regular spelling rules.
These two words share both their spelling and an ancient Germanic ancestor meaning tale; talk.
Interestingly, decades have been dedicated to research on reading, yet spelling and its assessment and instruction have during the same period comparatively been vastly underresearched (Masterson & Apel, 2006; Vostal, Hughes, Ruhl, Benedek-Wood, & Dexter, 2008).
The judges declared both boys winners and the two went on to the county spelling bee, where Stephen won, beating another boy, Gavin McDonald.
Students' spelling is one of the bugbears of teaching: difficult to teach, difficult to make it fun, yet often focused upon by parents as the be-all-and-end-all.
Modern technology has redefined spelling as we know it," said Anna Lewandowski, a retired Millbury teacher who taught reading and English for 25 years.