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SPELLING, The art of putting the proper letters in words.
     2. It is a rule that when it appears with certainty what is meant, bad spelling will not avoid a contract; for example, where a man agreed to pay thirty pounds, he was held bound to pay thirty pounds; and sentence was holden to be seventeen. Cro. Jac. 607; 10 Coke, 133, a; 2 Roll. Ab. 147.
     3. Even in an indictment undertood has been holden as understood. 1 Chit. Cr. Law.
     4. A misspelling of a name in a declaration, will not be sufficient to defeat the plaintiff, on the ground of variance between the writing produced, and the declaration, if such name be idem sonans; as Kay for Key. 16 East, 110; 2 Stark. 29; Segrave for Seagrave. 2 Str. 889. See Idem Sonans.

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It adds hyphens, takes them away, tweaks spellings and removes the circumflex from the "i" and the "u" where the accent makes no change to accent or meaning.
Additionally, children's spellings are often analysed for visual letter-confusion (transposing letters) and for irregular spelling rules, as well as the identification of legal or 'illegal letter patterns' (Treiman & Bourassa, 2000).
Spelling Rules, Riddles and Remedies: Advice and Activities to Enhance Spelling Achievement for All
In addition, 27 phonemes sometimes pronounced like sez in different accents or in slurred talk give a shonky total of 55 spellings.
The dictionary is designed for Canadian students who participate in spelling bees and includes more than 36,000 words, focusing on those with particularly difficult spellings.
We will then look at some formal differences between constructed homophones and standard spellings, and then an effort will be made to update some existing theories of English spelling (Albrow 1972; Carney 1994) so that both standard spelling and constructed homophony can be studied within the one theoretical framework, mapping phonemes onto spelling units in an orthographically shallow manner.
And although the form "Llandaff" has a long history, so had spellings such as "Carnarvon" and "Llanelly".
The paper, which surveyed a group of 18-24-year-olds as part of the research, found that the majority believe that unconventional spellings are used on the internet because it is faster and has become the norm.
The paper, which surveyed a group of 18 to 24 year olds as part of the research, found that the majority believe that unconventional spellings are used on the Internet because it is faster and has become the norm.
Early 19th-century lexicographer Noah Webster campaigned for such Americanized spellings as public (not publick) and jail (not gaol).
Researchers scored the spellings to allow partial credit for invented spelling, which made the test more sensitive to differences and less susceptible to floor effects, which is important for poor spellers and potentially for students with reading disabilities.
IN THE FINAL ROUND of the Los Altos School Spelling Bee in California, two students remained, Stephen Chen and Victor Wang.