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Spera is surprised that many prospective customers tend to think their requirements can only be met by highly expensive, customized systems that will require a long rollout and result in a system they cannot evolve over time because it has been crafted so specifically to their environment.
Spera that suggested WHA could apply for "waivers'' to accomplish its goals.
BeGood co-founder Mark Spera was burned out on his corporate job at the Gap.
They seemingly live in a timeless (3) mythical dimension, where La Spera is the only woman that exists.
Despite the presence in these poems of the shadows of death, torture, and the human need for control, Spera favors a natural view of the world where, like the moth drawn to pheromones, "life baits / its killing jar with what we most desire" (from "The Pantry Moths in the Pheromone Trap").
Josh Tierney's Spera tells the tale of two young princesses, the studious Lono and adventurous Pira, and their quest to find the magical realm called Spera.
Indeed, Commissioner Maria Damanaki (fisheries) listened to them during a meeting organised on 28 October by the main professional organisations (Flemming Smidt and Livia Spera for the European Workers' Transport Federation - fisheries sections, Maria Jose Gonzalez and Francisca Martinez for Europeche).
Spera will serve as property manager/leasing agent.
Spera and colleagues (2010) reported on an intervention using environmental strategies to reduce drinking and alcohol-related problems among 18- to 25- year-old active-duty Air Force (AF) members in five communities with local Air Force bases (AFBs).
Il volume curato da Chirumbolo, Moroni e Somigli rappresenta da questo punto di vista uno strumento interessante, e pur non potendo colmare tutte le lacune, si spera contribuira a de-spettralizzare la neoavanguardia italiana, rendendone pih accessibile la conoscenza al pubblico anglofono.
Develop tools to assist with the implementation of the institution based and field learning experiences, such as a practicum placement tool, modelled on the Queensland Rural and Remote Educators Network rural placement data base and in conjunction with SPERA, an online networking tool to link pre-service teachers with an interest in rural experiences;
Ansari Khan, a Haqqani leader accused of conducting attacks on coalition forces, died in a clash in Khost province's Spera district in an overnight operation Tuesday, a NATO statement said.