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SPERATE. That of which there is hope.
     2. In the accounts of an executor and the inventory of the personal assets, he should distinguish between those assets which are sperate, and those which are desperate; he will be prima facie responsible for the former, and discharged for the latter. 1 Chit. Pr. 520; 2 Williams Ex. 644; Toll. Ex. 248. See Desperate.

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Cerca de 400 murales embellecen al pueblo italiano de San Sperate, provincia de Cagliari, en la isla de Cerdena.
Motivated by the recent results in this field, in this paper, we discuss the strategge to sperate traffic networks for the fraction regulation.
A goal from Blues' Cameron Jerome and a 78th minute Sylvan Ebanks-Blake strike could not sperate the sides on Saturday but Blues will have felt the more aggrieved at the final whistle having also had a Liam Ridgwell strike disallowed for handball.
In a sperate study, Jerry Nickelsburg of the university's Anderson School of Management questions the extrapolated numbers that LAEDC has derived based on the 1988 strike, due to the fact that the industry has changed significantly since then.
In addition to a host of standard batch features, the new batch functions include a lifecycle analysis function which can be used to rapidly review records of every sperate production process applied to a batch.
Featuring more than 800 sperate entries organized in an A-Z format, The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia is a seminal, core, essential, informed and informative contribution to personal, professional, academic, and community library Literary Studies, Folklore Studies, and Islamic Cultural Studies reference collections and resource holdings.
An older "rich kid" audiophile friend of mine convinced his parents they should construct a waist-high concrete block (in the basement) on which to mount a second turntable; he later tried to convince them of building a sperate but attached room in which to place the woofer; his father wavered but his mother drew the line with a resounding, "Not while I'm alive
We're seeing moms who once bought a single sun care product for the whole family now also buying a sperate product for their children," remarks a buyer for a major drug chain.
Pergite itaque sancti dei, pueri ac puellae, mares ac feminae, caelibes et innuptae, pergite perseueranter in finem; laudate dominum dulcius, quem cogitatis uberius; sperate felicius, cui seruitis instantius; amate ardentius, cui placetis adtentius; lumbis accinctis et lucernis ardentibus expectate dominum, quando ueniat a nuptiis.
He might be right, but often these activists had separate agendas, which were based on their sperate movements.
E il 6 giugno del 1935 e, mentre i suoi quadri sono esposti alia Quadriennale che si svolge nella citta, lui si ritrova in "una celletta molto claustrale e, dalla finestra non vedo, come avevo ingenuamente sperate, neppure una foglia dei pini del Gianicolo" (Levi, 1991: 100), cosi scrive alla madre.
is the thing I to do but it's make t nis s an from sperate for break' Mel belts out Cry Baby by Janis Joplin and gets standing ovation the judges desperate some talent at the Glasgow auditions.