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In the practice of courts, a brief interval during which all business is suspended without an adjournment.

A recess in legislative practice is an interval of time between sessions of the same continuous body, as opposed to the period between the final adjournment of one legislative body and the convening of another at the next regular session.

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n. a break in a trial or other court proceedings or a legislative session until a date and time certain. Recess is not to be confused with "adjournment" which winds up the proceedings.

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Mass was seen extending to the anterior and posterior ethmoid sinus and sphenoethmoidal recess on the right side.
In the 18(22.5%) sides in which it could not be visualized, 12(66.6%) sides were due to narrow sphenoethmoidal recess and 6(33.3%) sides were due to polyp.
DNE provides a clear view of the sphenoethmoidal recess & choana, hence definitive diagnosis can be made in nasal DNE by identification of sinus ostium from which the stalk of the polyp pass through, which was also quite obvious in our case.