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New Delhi treats the Levant and even North Africa as being at the outer limits of his sphere of interest, let alone influence.
GROW YOUR NETWORK Pay attention to your existing network of connections as well as make new contacts within your chosen career and its sphere of interest.
Some of the essays, clearly inspired by Shea's work, character, and personal influence, pursue topics outside his normal sphere of interest.
Energy, hydro energy and infrastructural projects were the main sphere of interest for investment.
Mandel is the Ohio state treasurer, but far more important for our sphere of interest, he's the first non-incumbent Jewish candidate to join a Senate race.
The message in these demarches to the US was in keeping with protecting China's core interests in the adjacent seas and telling the US that the western Pacific was China's sphere of interest and influence.
It wants not only to use the EU Presidency to increase its influence to the East - a traditional sphere of interest - but also actively engage in a democratic transformation of North Africa - a region where to date Poland's presence has been rather limited.
How this was achieved in the case of Iraq, a kingdom from 23 August 1921, and part of the British sphere of interest, is the theme of this magisterial study.
Powerset, a tool for creating and defining such relationships in any sphere of interest, is broader but less deep.
A regional policy confined to a sphere of interest, (46) rather than a classical sphere of influence, is a realistic approach that should ensure the success of Turkey's initiatives in the Middle East.
Ogino Knauss suggests that the building may be a victim of 'roof destruction by arson', an 'all-too-common expedient of land takeover' that leaves 'those who have a stake in other plans for the land to patiently wait while the architectural landmark deteriorates to a state liable to demolition' Ogino Knauss believes that 'both buildings are now in critical danger, since their sites have come into the sphere of interest of the Moscow construction industry and their existence interferes with the execution of "investment projects'".
Russia today openly lays claim to a sphere of interest in its borderlands -- in direct contradiction to commitments made under the Helsinki process.