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Low-dose BPA promotes spheroid proliferation in 3D cultures through c-Myc.
The spheroid technology is more consistent than earlier organoids in generating the same kinds of cortex-like structures in repeated experiments.
To illustrate the approximating nature of the asymptotic formulas we present in Figure 3 the results of the comparison in [19] of the currents induced by the axially incident plane wave on the surface of perfectly conducting spheroids. The trigonometric multiplier of [phi] is not considered.
Spheroid organization kinetics of H35 rat hepatoma model cell system on elastin-like polypeptide-polyethyleneimine copolymer substrates.
3D spheroids: spheroids collected from RWV unit were allowed to sediment at unit gravity to allow the removal of the small clumps from the supernatant.
The class of the constant spheroid at [x.sub.0] is clearly the identity element.
The carbon filaments are modeled as prolate spheroids whose semi-axles are determined by the thickness and length of the filament.
Hamilton, "Multicellular spheroids as an in vitro tumor model," Cancer Letters, vol.
The surface topography and the line scan profile of the 2 nm Si film indicated that the spheroid nuclei have been formed (Figures 2(a) and 3(a)).
sphere, spheroid or triaxial ellipsoid as the special subset of more general manifolds.
We conclude with an example showing the behaviour of maximal shape parameter in the population of simulated oblate spheroids.
Tempo-iKidneyPod - Human iPSC-derived Kidney Proximal Tubules & Podocytes 3D Spheroids