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Awards are presented during ZestFest, a spicy food event held the same week as the Fiery Food Challenge, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.
Spicy food can make you live longer, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal this week.
In a series of experiments, Sung-Gon Kim, a psychiatry professor from Busan National University in South Korea, has found the link between spicy food and alcohol comes down to the way both stimulate our brain's reward systems.
I aint drinking, I aint smoking, no fizzy drinks, no sugar, no dairy, no spicy food, no citruses.
A SURVEY of spicy food fans in Newcastle have proved we are a nation of confused curry lovers, with few of us knowing our Madras from our Masala.
Spicy food, Buddhist prayers, and boxing will all feature at Warwick's third Thai Festival on Sunday, from 11.
The condition can be triggered by moving from a cold to a hot room, alcohol, spicy food, coffee and stress.
If you have a warm windowsill, conservatory or heated greenhouse and a taste for hot and spicy food then try your hand at growing some hot chilli peppers which can be sown now at 20C (68F) in pots of seed compost.
The researchers made their discovery 23 years ago, at a time when ulcers were thought to result mainly from excess stomach acid brought on by stress and spicy food.
publication dedicated to spicy food, says Americans have realized that hot peppers are no longer exotic, and they're learning to like them.
National Hot and Spicy Food Day is the perfect time to kick up the flavor of your food a notch.
Islamabad, Mar 8 ( ANI ): Pakistan's Interior Minister has said that the nation's children grow up more quickly than in other countries due to the hot climate and spicy food.