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The deal represents Henley-in-Arden-based Mercia's first investment with an Aston University spin-out, though it is already working with a number of other Midland universities on technology and biopharmaceutical technology businesses.
Mr Greenaway will discus the current market and prospects for investors in university spin-outs and will provide examples by discussing deals he has advised on, such as the seven-figure equity investment into gas and ion spectrometer technology company Imspex Diagnostics; the multimillion-pound disposal of Biotec Services International, a temperature-specific clinical trials storage business to PCI Group (US); the multimillion-pound AIM Placing for smart lighting technology business Photonstar LED Group PlC and Oxford University: Department of Materials/ISIS spin-out for carbon nanomaterial fullerene manufacturer Designer Carbon Materials.
At an early stage those spin-outs will need support - the kind of support we give at the Netpark Incubator to young, hi-tech SMEs - providing advice, facilities and help to manage their transition to trading.
For example, the work done by Professor Dimmock at the University of Warwick through spin-out company Viru-biotech to develop an anti-flu virus has enormous potential in combating Avian Flu and other influenza strains.
In total, Scotland has produced 20 per cent of new spin-outs in the UK over the last decade and has had a higher rate of companies going towards trade sale and floatation than London and the South East of England.
The team at Greenaway Scott was led by corporate director Nigel Greenaway, who described the transaction and investment as a signifi-cant step for Greenaway Scott and said: "I am delighted that the hard work put in by Isis, Dr Porfyrakis and also our team at Greenaway Scott has resulted in the completion of the spin-out, and we are looking forward to working with the them again in the future.
WatStech - which now has two laboratories within the Science Park's Technology Centre - received help from the Spinner project which offers grants of up to pounds 50,000 to companies which are spin-outs from regional universities.
Many of our top performing portfolio companies are university spin-outs, specifically where DFJ Mercury was the seed investor, so we view this as a real investment opportunity rather than a prize or grant.
But what concerns me is that when the Welsh Government talks innovation, they're actually referring to university spin-outs - businesses created to drive the development of university research forward into a commercial product or service - and we should really be looking at the much bigger picture.
The spin-out will have to operate in a highly regulated environment not always familiar to the individuals involved in it.
Finance Wales has already co-invested in a number of Welsh spin-outs thanks to the MoU we signed in 2007 and we're pleased that even more Welsh spin-outs could benefit from our new agreement.
For example, if the spin-out company receives pounds 250,000 funding from the university to continue research in exchange for 50pc of the company, the academic is likely to face a tax bill on the 50pc of the company they own.
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