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Spinal accessory nerve duplication is an extremely rare phenomenon.
Suzuki K, Doi K, Hattori Y, Pagsaligan JM: Long term results of spinal accessory nerve transfer to the suprascapular nerve in upper type paralysis of brachial plexus injury, 2007; 23(6): 295-9.
Spinal accessory nerve palsy can occur if the nerve is injured or cut during an operation.
Flanagan testified that had she been informed of a risk of injury to the spinal accessory nerve and had she been apprised of the alternatives, such as observation and/or needle biopsy, she would have declined to authorize the excision of the enlarged node.
(15.) Tatla T, Kanagalingam J, Majithia A, Clarke PM: Upper neck spinal accessory nerve identification during neck dissection.
The shoulder syndrome mainly occurs as a result of the sectioning of the spinal accessory nerve (SAN) and the ensuing denervation of the upper trapezius muscle.
Anatomic relationship between the spinal accessory nerve and the jugular vein: A cadaveric study.
Recent reports of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx would suggest that certain lymph node levels (especially level II-B) may not require dissection, thus shortening operative time and minimizing potential morbidityto the spinal accessory nerve. (16) Several authors also have noted that the ability to eliminate the dissection of the upper jugular lymph nodes (levels II-B and V-A) may shorten operative time and minimize potential morbidity to the spinal accessory nerve.
However, information is limited on electrophysiologic monitoring of the spinal accessory nerve (SAN) during modified radical neck dissection.
Hatcher-Murphy Disorder (HMD) is a manifestation or dysfunction of the tissues involving the brainstem and the spinal accessory nerve or cranial nerve 11.