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Dubai: Stuffed dolls and spinning tops might be a lot more harmful than you think.
The girls would have plenty of games to play including hopscotch, spinning tops and skipping, the hopscotch would be played on the pavement with the squares marked out and numbered with chalk.
Recalling the fun of their childhood years made fingers nimble once again as they spun spinning tops, and counted on an abacus.
While working in teams of two or three with Early Simple Machines Set 111, elementary students can explore energy, buoyancy and balance by manipulating simple models of seesaws, rolling vehicles, spinning tops and rafts.
This year's Christmas playthings are alongside traditional toys of footballs and spinning tops and almost certainly there is also a Noah's Ark; a big boat with pairs of animals to put inside.
Hal Robinson of Arlington, Massachusetts, told me about a highly readable, illustrated classic by John Perry, Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion (Dover, 1957).
eyecatching Phyllis Kaye with some of the optical toys colourful Richard McCollom (left) and Thomas Havler busy making coloured patterns for spinning tops
The set includes molding material in three vibrant colors, five ColorTwist strips and connectors, molds to create spinning tops and rolling wheels, a set of wooden rods, and felt-tip markers.
Children can have a go at playing with spinning tops, wooden dolls and other traditional toys in the parlour and learn how 17th century Christmas decorations were made.
Other retro toy comeback kings:Spinning tops Spinning tops date back to 2000 BC and featured in Egyptian times and during the Roman Empire.