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A STEM notebook can be a hardbound, softbound, or spiral-bound notebook that is typically between 5"x8" to 9"x12".
Nashef's flips through an orange spiral-bound notebook, filled with song lyrics handwritten in pencil.
I RECENTLY STUMBLED UPON A tattered, spiral-bound notebook full of journal entries, gossip and other musings from my junior high school days.
I suggest you attach a spiral-bound notebook that includes a list of all members and their phone numbers as well as the treasure chest rules.
While traveling, he had the spiral-bound notebook that described the bus routes with him for reference.
Once upon a time if you mugged an engineer you'd be lucky to emerge from your crime with anything more than a slide rule, a couple of ballpoint pens (chewed) and a spiral-bound notebook with unreadable hieroglyphics inside.
For a low-cost food diary, a pen and a spiral-bound notebook will do.
Hill walked from Williamstown to Provincetown, asking people he met to write down, in a spiral-bound notebook he carried with him, their hopes, concerns and ideas for the man to be elected governor.