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introduces limited-edition Slurpee straws with muzzles, snouts and beaks based on four popular spirit animals -- the eagle, fox, wolf and cat.
Earn Spirit Badges on every level and use them to power up your Spirit Animals
Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams is sure to draw gamers back to the brand with a more mature Tak, amazing dream elements, new Juju powers and unique spirit animals.
Combining epic storytelling through seven books linked with a dynamic online game, Spirit Animals is Scholastic's first foray in the fantasy genre in its groundbreaking multi-platform publishing program.
The What If actor also told Vogue he wants a cameo role in South Park, loves New York because he can "order pancakes day or night" and his spirit animal is a "wolf with a crossbow.
The painted animals in the rock paintings are the painted images of the visions of spirit animals, rather than representations of natural animals.
Also, each book in the series will unlock expanded game play on the immersive Spirit Animals online game site.
The liquid lines and fantastical images suggest magical realism, a world in which spirits naturally coexist with and are visible alongside their physical companions: spirit animals flowing out of human forms, flowers curling out of animals; in one piece a woman's face and prayerful hands (holding a white, petalled flower) emerge from within a dress shaped like angel's wings, adorned with vibrant flowers; atop the dress a plump crown with a cross on top, suggesting an angel-queen.