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LAREAU is the author of Getting a Life: How to Find Your True Vocation (Orbis, 2003), a book on spiritual discernment for young adults.
Spiritual discernment also allows us to step back from the immediate issues and to see the larger picture.
In the long journey of spiritual discernment we become a listening community.
Chapter 3, regarding prayer and spiritual discernment, is most helpful.
He goes on to give concreteness to these characteristics in the examples of spiritual discernment found in Dietrich Bonhoeffer and in the Christian community of Acts 15.
Drawing imaginatively upon the tradition of Ignatian spiritual discernment, Amartya Sen's capability theory, and Bernard Lonergan's dynamic interpretation of experience, understanding, judgment, and decision, the authors seek to show how "the protagonists of our stories came to know their changing reality" and, looking beyond mere economic rationalization, respond to the full range of human values (26).
org), an increasing number of women continue to present themselves for ordination and are completing the required theological study, sacramental preparation, liturgical practice and spiritual discernment for ordination.
The themes covered include worship in Pentecostal analysis, spiritual discernment, the ethical import of glossolalia, suffering from a Pentecostal perspective, the theology of the cross, and a reflection on Karl Barth's understanding of Spirit baptism.
In the second part, "Temptation and Choice," the first paper deals with spiritual discernment and compares how a text like 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 was received differently by Origen and Cyprian.
Through input, reflection, prayer and spiritual conversation with others, this retreat/workshop will explore the art and skill of spiritual discernment.
One sees in Ford's life and words the process of interior wrestling and spiritual discernment, the meaning of finding freedom by commitment to a lofty cause, in this case, accompanying the poor.