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In either case, he finds young Gosse attempting to "fashion his inner life for himself" through a moral and spiritual discernment that employs "language of the good" (79-83).
Two complementary models, Courage to Teach/Lead and the Ignatian model of Spiritual Discernment are presented with discussion of how their principles and practices might be applied by counselors engaged in this role shift.
8] However, in spite of their personal experiences of call, an elder's or mentor's confirmation of the call through spiritual discernment was vital.
Chaplains need people skills to communicate effectively with all and must use spiritual discernment to balance religious needs and security.
Typical is Gregory of Nyssa's interpretation in the seventh homily of his Commentary (1960, 219), where, taking the bride to be an allegory of the Church, he deems her eyes a reference to Christians with spiritual discernment and their [sigma][iota][omega][pi][eta][sigma][epsilon][omega][zeta], the silence elicited by their awareness of the hidden and concealed which belongs to God, the contemplation of divine mysteries [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] -- Gregory of Nyssa may have been influenced here by Origen's allegorical interpretation of the Canticle, although this cannot be proven since the extant texts in Latin of the Origenist commentary and homilies on the Song do not extend beyond the second chapter).
Toner claims that spiritual discernment is personal and need not take into account what other people are deciding, that it refers only to the present moment and not to history, that the limits of our knowledge are irrelevant, and that bad consequences do not count against the rectitude of our decision (Discerning God's Will 287-315; Meissner, To the Greater Glory 225).
Whether it's a decision about career, family, relocation, or a medical issue, Catholics use a variety of spiritual discernment methods to determine their next step.