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The greater and lesser splanchnic nerves which originate in the lower thoracic spinal cord, pass through the diaphragmatic crura and supply the stomach and small intestine and may play a role in this therapeutic effect.
It is located in front of the diaphragm crura, medially to the adrenal glands and upon the abdominal aorta surrounding the origin of the celiac trunk and the superior mesenteric artery, composed of dense strands of splanchnic nerve fibers (Snyder et al.
Previous radiofrequency ablations of the splanchnic nerves were successful, but pain relief was relatively short-lived.
currently of the University of Cologne, Germany, starts with a paracervical and pararectal space dissection with identification and preservation of the hypogastric and splanchnic nerves.
Mode of production of analgesia is by reverse diffusion of local anaesthetic from pleural space back into subpleural space, reaching and blocking intercostal nerves, and to some extent sympathetic chain and splanchnic nerves depending on the dose and position of the patient.