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With these findings intra-abdominal bleeding caused by spontaneous splenic rupture was considered and the patient was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit for supportive treatment.
Splenic infarct, splenic rupture and organ failure are uncommon complications.
4) Splenic rupture is a surgical emergency, but treatment may be delayed when the diagnosis is not obvious due to absence of a history or a high index of suspicion.
Splenic rupture in infectious disease: splenectomy or conservative treatment?
This case expands the spectrum of infectious agents associated with spontaneous splenic rupture and solid organ transplantation.
Before splenic rupture, the patient's lipoprotein profile was reported as being normal, with no past recorded triglyceride measurement exceeding 2 mmol/L.
We describe a case in which a diagnosis of splenic rupture occurring spontaneously on a background of infectious mononucleosis was made as a result of a high index of suspicion.
1) Splenic rupture is the leading cause of death in infectious mononucleosis, occurring in 0.
Spontaneous splenic rupture in a patient with factor XIII deficiency and a novel mutation.