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"She is a spoiled brat in my eyes and at the end of the day, she should meet her little sister.
"It has never ever happened like that before and as for me being a spoiled brat and taking my ball home, I think I've been the one whose been justified because we have got a replay because people have seen common sense over it.
He comes across as a spoiled brat who thinks he is entitled and it doesn't make you want to root for him", Kuseleias said.
When you've been told your entire life that you are fat and ugly and that you are a spoiled brat, you start to play along with it and believe it," the Sun quoted her as saying.
Dear Miriam UNLESS I can persuad my boyfriend to accept that his nine-year-old daughter is a spoiled brat, our relationship is doomed.
In short I reckon he is a spoiled brat and they are right to hit him where it hurts - in the pocket.
FORMER England star Paul Parker has labelled Jose Mourinho "a spoiled brat" and a "hypocrite" - and says title rival Sir Alex Ferguson would never whinge about injuries.
And, a little like the famous film starring Julie Andrews, she has to battle marital strife and look after a spoiled brat.
Shepherd and Robson must act decisively to rid the club of this spoiled brat. And nothing less than a world-class replacement for Woodgate will pacify fans.
If you didn't know any better, you'd swear he was a spoiled brat having a tantrum at not being able to learn his scales.
ENGLAND captain Nasser Hussain was last night branded a "spoiled brat" by former Essex team-mate Mark Waugh of Australia.
Prince Edward - The Showbiz Years (C4, Sunday) showed the Duke of Wessex as a spotlight-hungry spoiled brat. Who knew, eh?