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Prince Edward - The Showbiz Years (C4, Sunday) showed the Duke of Wessex as a spotlight-hungry spoiled brat.
GORGEOUS hotel heiress Paris Hilton says she's sick of being labelled a spoiled brat.
Becks's career has been littered with occasions when he has spat the dummy slang for acting like a spoiled brat.
need another self-absorbed spoiled brat for an owner?
The party girl has been getting it in the neck from her fellow contestants for being a spoiled brat.
Because she was from Hollywood and an only child, he thought she was a spoiled brat.
To imply that the people of Tottenham (and other areas) are behaving like spoiled brats who have it easy and get millions of pounds in government handouts is disgraceful.
We may be nurturing 700 future entrepreneurs but we are effectively dealing with 7,000 spoiled brats," wrote Gergawi.
So it was easy to see the kids' obvious disgust that grown men could act like spoiled brats.
Two fathers take charge of the dilapidated Camp Driftwood and try to rejuvenate the children's summer camp in direct competition with the spoiled brats of Camp Canola.
This bill springs from spoiled brats earning $145,097.
But it turned out to be a lacklustre, out- of-sorts gig from a petulant bunch of spoiled brats.