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Condom Lead, featuring zero spoken dialogue or music, is based completely on image and background noise to transmit a universal vignette of what becomes of ordinary passions between a man and a woman in the interstices of war's heightened reality.
Hooper chose to rely almost solely upon the play's musical score, foregoing virtually all spoken dialogue.
of Stirling, Scotland), the 12 papers presented here review the work of the MATCH project, discussing goals and policies for home care, personalized ambient monitoring for supporting mental health at home, dynamic configuration of home services, multimodal interaction and technologies for care at home, spoken dialogue interfaces for older people, user-centered design of technologies to support care at home, a method for user requirement elicitation for home care, and enhancing dialogue between stakeholders in home care.
Their performances felt real and organic, although some parts had me chuckling as normal spoken dialogue would have sufficed for many of the lines.
Indeed, as late as 1939, pioneering movie historian Lewis Jacobs would write in his watershed The Rise of the American Cinema, "[with] the incorporation of spoken dialogue as a permanent element of motion pictures [the] technique lost its sophistication overnight and became primitive once more.
The singspiel element of spoken dialogue can be a real problem for modern audiences and it certainly jarred in the company's dreary Fidelio this season.
What I hadn't realised, and probably should have, is that Evita has no spoken dialogue at all, and some of this can't be easy to sing.
By promoting spoken dialogue about written texts, writing centers reintroduce an oral component to writing.
The opera is referred to as a ballad opera mainly because there is spoken dialogue and it follows after the pattern of the The Beggar's Opera, the English 18th Century ballad opera.
Both operas originally had spoken dialogue, in both the folk element was later strengthened (in the Bartered Bride with dance, and in the Two Widows with the added characters of Tonik and Lidka and similar changes), and both formed an important intermediate step towards The Kiss, the first full-length Czech fully musically composed comic opera (the first Czech opera without spoken dialogue was Blodek's one-acter In the Well.
A distinctive feature of On the Run with Dick and Jane is that quotation marks are omitted from the spoken dialogue, lending the tale elements of a stream-of-consciousness feel.
Unless you count a drill sergeant's orders to a bunch of recruits, the show contains not a single word of spoken dialogue.