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Our aim was to address whether the constant management of two spoken languages leads to cognitive advantages and the larger gray matter we observed in Spanish-English bilinguals, or whether other aspects of being bilingual, such as the large vocabulary associated with having two languages, could account for this," explains Olumide Olulade, PhD, the study's lead author and post-doctoral fellow at GUMC.
Sign languages are very expressive languages but at the same time they differ profoundly from spoken languages.
Music, through its patterns, rhythms, melodies, and tempo, not to mention its lyrics, is at once less capable of logical precision, and more capable of conveying emotional nuance, than spoken language.
This is because written languages are symbolic representations of spoken languages.
Instruction in spoken language - articulated speech - should only follow if there was sufficient time.
For example, the Workshop participants expressed the need to add to the standard the ability to represent features of spoken language, including tone, syllabic stress or accent, and duration in a machine-readable fashion.
Near-simultaneous translation of local spoken languages and dialects will allow commanders to integrate information derived from various spoken and written sources, and to drill down on a hypothesis by returning to the sources to understand the chain of annotations that supported that hypothesis.
With so many different spoken languages and pronunciations, a speech engine can misunderstand a voice input or create a confusing response, which can negatively impact users' experiences with the application," said George Fink, COO of Tele Atlas.
With the addition of Russian to the already supported languages of Hebrew, English and Arabic, NSC's products support speech driven telephony services in four spoken languages in Israel and can now target the emerging Russian market.
We hope to do our part to significantly narrow the Digital Divide by offering our customers and their families our Totally Free Internet Service in their choice of the two most commonly spoken languages in North America.
Nuance's expertise in voice user interfaces, their highly accurate speech recognition and verification software, and their support for major spoken languages, will enable Mitel to bring new levels of productivity and ease-of-use to our global customers.
x 95, NT, NT on Alpha, OS/2, AS400, MVS, Solaris and other major UNIX derivations) and virtually all spoken languages.