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We'll know it's truly happened when a spoken word artist makes Strictly or Celebrity Bake Off though.
Wakefield Brewster is a poet, spoken word artist, musician, rapper public speaker, teacher, inspirational speaker, public figure and proud father.
Also performing on Friday are spoken word artists Curtis Watt, Nikki Blaze and internationally acclaimed dub poet Levi Tafari, who is also judging the contest.
Cowan is a spoken word artist and graduate student experiencing culture shock in Edmonton.
Other calendar highlights include Rock Out With Your Cock Out music concerts with genderqueer bands such as Dyspecific (who performed on the main stage at the 2005 San Francisco Gender Parade), and the monthly GenderEnders, a "live music and spoken word event that aims to foster community among transgender, intersex and genderqueer-identified performers," coordinated by lesbian MTF and spoken word artist Julia Serano.
Desdemona, three time winner of the Minnesota Music Award for Best Spoken Word Artist, has put out a new full-length disc that serves up a beautiful jazz and boom-bap laden soundscape detailing her personal and artistic journeys through poetry.
Damali Richards is a spoken word artist for Warriors of Light Records.
In this issue, we continue our focus on the era of the spoken word artist through the Def Jam generation, in feature articles and an expanded poetry review section.
The character of Mace Griffin is being brought to life by hard rock front man, actor and spoken word artist, Henry Rollins.
He is a spoken word artist, a human rights activist, an environmentalist, and a very intelligent man.
Featuring spoken word artist Tarriona Tank Ball and directed by award-winning director Simon Benjamin, the Come Together film is inspired by the Hyatt Regency brands rich history in 1967, Hyatt Regency Atlanta was among the first hotels in the city to open its doors to civil rights leaders.
She will be joined in-store by special guests including Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, spoken word artist Kate Tempest and Huddersfield poet Simon Armitage to celebrate all things vinyl between 10am-1pm.