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Cynthia Toronto is recognized as a forerunner of cutting-edge spoken word performance.
Club Strut features a fusion of spoken word performance poetry from 20-year-old Wakefield wordsmith Matt Abbott (pictured) and Northern Soul grooves from mysterious Sheffield songwriter/ producer MiNI dOG
Word Jazz II" is a spoken word performance written, composed and performed by A3 students.
The free event is a spoken word performance written, composed and played entirely by 3A students.
Kudana will present Zimbabwean marimba music, Iana will give a spoken word performance, and Sheik Ishaq Jud will lead an opening circle.
Today, the festival kicks off with a spoken word performance.
There will be songs, plays, spoken word performances and numbers by artists to discuss issues through cultural presentations, and not by speeches,' added the cofounder of Tindig Pilipinas.
There will also be evening of comedy with Aamer Rahman, music by Palestinian children's group Fatafeat and spoken word performances.
As you make your journey around The Luminarium, discover a mix of musical and spoken word performances from artists of LIPA, Merseyside Institute of Dance and Drama and professional actors who will interpret the infamous tracks from the Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band to celebrate this influential album.