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JLJ: Slam poetry is the competitive art of spoken word poetry in which a mode of genres, styles, and forms may exist.
By this we mean that the novel as an artistic genre has lost its status and has been replaced by drama and poetry, especially spoken word poetry.
P (Annual Yearly Progress) punitive educational climate was there much of a "business case" to journey beyond the towering and engulfing walls of high stakes numbers, and into the creative and natural world of spoken word poetry.
THE GHOST SONG - THE DOORS A masterpiece of Jim Morrison's spoken word poetry.
Rap music and spoken word poetry also fall within this critical pedagogical realm, with rap music as the axis of hip hop culture.
I was there to do spoken word poetry as a part of the evening's entertainment and Monica had just come in by chance.
Activities include film screenings, lectures and panel discussions, a Song Night, a Spoken Word poetry evening and a Free Your Mind comedy event, all focusing on the art of photography.
Teacher and student interviews along with class observations provide insight into how the teacher and students viewed spoken word poetry and identity.
Of course, there also are significant differences between poetry appearing in print and spoken word poetry, and between silent reading and reciting and, more-so, listening to its recitation.
When the poem was read out, one could not help but notice the power of spoken word poetry to arouse emotions and invite dialogue between the poet and the listeners.
Liza Garza performed her spoken word poetry with her child clinging to her back, demonstrating that very link.
Graffiti Artist Mohammed Ali who is appearing at the Birmingham Rep in Writing on the Wall an exciting performance of spoken word poetry and street art