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P (Annual Yearly Progress) punitive educational climate was there much of a "business case" to journey beyond the towering and engulfing walls of high stakes numbers, and into the creative and natural world of spoken word poetry.
Hip hop and spoken word poems that incorporate street language may not be practical in all public school forums; however, inner city school teachers have found success with spoken word poetry activities that allow students to write and perform in a variety of poetic styles (Fisher, 2007; Hill, 2009; Low,2008).
Asked if spoken word poetry can be the same as written poetry, she replied, "There's definitely a small difference .
Spoken word poetry is usually performed for an audience and must be heard.
A coming of age story told through Rap and Spoken Word Poetry, Gipson's lead character, Bobby, takes us on a journey from foster care in Harlem to the upper East Side and then down to Christopher Street.
FLORENCE - The first Florence Spoken Word Poetry Contest was so successful that the Kenneth B Gallery is offering online registration at kennethbgallery.
Her second year of college she was exposed to the art of spoken word poetry through a poetry slam contest and fell in love with the art of spoken word poetry.
She says: "I'm looking forward to exploring the city and finding out more about spoken word poetry in Newcastle.
All-in-all, the Spoken Word poetry session and CD launch made up a great show, with every moment of the performance capturing the attention of the audience.
There will also be spoken word poetry, a book launch, a film screening and stalls with arts and crafts, mehndi and Indian food.
For Martin, spoken word poetry is a form that offers writers a wider audience.
Don't Steps on the Cracks was choreographed and danced by Sarah Mumford, with spoken word poetry composed and performed by Martin Daws and haunting cello music composed and played by Peter Thewless.