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All of them feature in the new campaign except Aishwarya, who was roped in by the company in 2005 as one of its global spokesmodels.
The spokesmodel technology on student-housing provider Quarters On Campus' site costs $3,000.
Needless to say it's rumoured that they are planning a party for their world class spokesmodel as soon as possible.
We launched a two-month long, nationwide campaign in search of a spokesmodel who embodies the sultry yet sophisticated aura of a modern-day Eve, while exuding an elegance, grace, and style consistent with the mood of this project," states Adam Schlesinger, vice president of Ceebraid-Signal Corp.
the only regime change I want to ponder is the almost unremarked upon replacement of Jamie Lee Curtis by Catherine Zeta-Jones as uber wireless spokesmodel.
Geschwind, now playing the role of residential spokesmodel, was pictured with two other retired execs standing on a picturesque golf course nestled in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.
Aflac has received more than 500 e-mails about its feathered spokesmodel and is using its Web site to market duck items such as a plush toy duck and T-shirts and ties sporting the duck's image.
Lana Ogilvie signed with Cover Girl also in June--a circumstance that has Revlon and Cover Girl each maintaining they were the first to hire a black spokesmodel.
In this position, Gregg will be responsible for scheduling and managing individual promotional events and maintaining the schedule of the promotional spokesmodel team.
The spokesmodel for L'Oreal Paris revealed that her hairstylist always knows about the dress she is going to wear.
The Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection advertising was shot by Craig McDean and features spokesmodel Constance Jablonski.