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The spokewoman added: "Officers are particularly keen to trace a man who was seen walking away from the scene, up Belgrave Road away from Aigburth Road, shortly after the incident.
Sabine Reimer, a spokewoman for the German regulator Bafin, added: We would like to have the whole package before a decision is made.
"The market research shows that 'econochic' is in," explains a spokewoman for Coty Inc.
Transport Commission spokewoman Helen Kearns said Iran Air's Boeing 727s and 747s, along with its Airbus 320s, have been placed on the EU blacklist following a safety audit.
A BBC spokewoman said: "We have had no updates on the location of the laptop."
A spokewoman for Crystal Bridges said the dispute was between Cantera and Linbeck and the museum wasn't able to comment on the details.
"I have not heard of any incident where someone has jumped or fallen at Solomon Pond Mall," said Lisa Hiland, a spokewoman for Simon Malls, which operates the mall.
According to a spokewoman, when LockMart realized the FS21 upgrade was "unstable," they reverted to the backup system known as AISR (Aeronautical Information System Replacement).
However, the saucer eyed look does seem to appeal mostly to the girls, reveals the spokewoman.
"Our job is stressful enough and this has only added to the stress." But a hospital spokewoman reassured staff that the walk was a "safe route".
A spokewoman for the former EastEnders actress said: "Elaine has had Polaroid photos of her new-born child stolen.
Fenwick in Newcastle is working on a system which the store's spokewoman Gill Wilson says "will be ready in due course".