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The spokewoman added: "Officers are particularly keen to trace a man who was seen walking away from the scene, up Belgrave Road away from Aigburth Road, shortly after the incident.
Spokewoman Kate Jopling said: "In 2008 age is no longer an acceptable yardstick to measure a person's worth or potential.
I have not heard of any incident where someone has jumped or fallen at Solomon Pond Mall," said Lisa Hiland, a spokewoman for Simon Malls, which operates the mall.
An FSA spokewoman said it didn't know when it would be able to role on the case.
When the cashier scans the item, there will be an alert that pops up to (tell) the cashier that this is a recalled item," Wal-Mart spokewoman Jami Arms said.
However, the saucer eyed look does seem to appeal mostly to the girls, reveals the spokewoman.
But a hospital spokewoman reassured staff that the walk was a "safe route".
A spokewoman for the former EastEnders actress said: "Elaine has had Polaroid photos of her new-born child stolen.
Fenwick in Newcastle is working on a system which the store's spokewoman Gill Wilson says "will be ready in due course".
A spokewoman for the railroad notes that the most recent figures show the scrap shipments have declined significantly.
We know that people are feeling disenfranchised in this area," said Lisa Daglian, a spokewoman for the borough president.
When the Toronto Archdiocese was asked about the prevalence of AIDS among priests, its spokewoman, Suzanne Scorsone, said that they are not aware of any priest with AIDS: "It's something that simply has never come up" (Star, Feb 2).