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IOC holds successful meeting with representatives from the Libyan Sports Ministry and NOC At the end of the meeting, the IOC not only expressed its appreciation and thanks for the mutual respect and understanding that prevailed during the meeting, but more so for the willingness of the participants to work together as partners for the benefit of the Olympic Movement in Libya.
The Hong Kong coalition, which is affiliated with the International Sports Ministry Coalition, had served at previous Olympic Games by sending chaplains of different nationalities.
ministry's guidelines, he had more marks than Sania and therefore, was more deserving than the tennis ace whose application for the Khel Ratna was added to the nomination list by the sports ministry as a special case after she won the Wimbledon women's doubles title earlier this year.
ISLAMABAD: The federal sports ministry has instructed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to immediately provide detailed information on people travelling to England on PCB's expenses.
The move means only four committee members remain, including federation chief Pierre Kakhia, a number that effectively dissolves what is left of the committee with all its responsibilities and authority now passed on to the Youth and Sports Ministry.
Under license with the Chinese Sports Ministry, RTG Ventures has exclusive rights to organize, promote and run the only championship event (in China)for Chinese Chess, as well as other games of skill and chance including Chinese Poker, Mah jong, Go and Japanese Chess.
Last month, she says she notified Sports Ministry officials of her plan to swim for a new record and they were on the beach to verify her swim.
For Dow Chemicals to be engaged as an official sponsor for an event like the London Olympics 2012 by IOC/LOCOG is extremely distressing, considering the fact that this company is linked with an event in which thousands of innocent lives were lost and an even large number of people were incapacitated for life and for whom even now, everyday is a struggle for survival," the Union Sports Ministry has written in its letter.
ISLAMABAD, October 06, 2010 (Frontier Star): Sports Ministry has sent investigation report to Prime Minister regarding National Flag controversy at the inauguration ceremony of Common Wealth Games.
He graduated magna cum laude from National University in 1989 with a degree in business administration, before spending two years with the national leadership team of Athletes in Action, the sports ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.
While stories are doing the rounds that India may bid for the 2024 Olympics, top officials from the IOA and sports ministry have made it clear that there is no such plan, although no one chose to come on record.
21 ( ANI ): The inquiry into Cricket SA (CSA) will meet again next week to hear a submission from Judge Mervyn King, the sports ministry has confirmed.

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