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sportsmen, Oman Anti-Doping Committee and WADA to join hands to
In the face of this crisis, influential sportsmen --led by Theodore Roosevelt--formed the Boone and Crockett Club in 1887 and began advocating for a new conservation ethic that replaced indiscriminate market hunting with regulated hunting guided by science.
Chairing a meeting, District Nazim, Mohammad Asim Khan said that the award would encourage sportsmen and artists of Peshawar besides aware new generation regarding their achievements and successes.
These forest restoration projects will provide for a healthy, sustainable, working forest to support our local timber industry and be enjoyed by sportsmen and sportswomen.
The Iranian sportsmen and sportswomen attending the Olympic competitions in Rio are going to represent the whole Iranian nation,' he said.
The second one was between two teams of real sportsmen, a pleasure to watch, no melodramatics just good honest football with, at the end, the losing team clapping the winners off the pitch.
Nagpur: As a sports writer and sportsman, it's always a good feeling to see other sportsmen being revered by the community.
Anne Gobi, who delights the sportsmen every year with her wit and ready laughter, was there, of course, along with state Sen.
It's nothing to do with sportsmen as such, and more to do with them being wealthy young men with lots of time on their hands and a strong incentive to avoid drink and drugs.
For avid readers, we should buy a subscription to Massachusetts Wildlife, my favorite outdoors magazine for both sportsmen and naturalists.
It is used for the development of sports and the sportsmen.
Systolic and diastolic blood pressures of the sportsmen were measured from a.