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Table 1: (Reference (8)) Abnormalities associated with Klippel-Feil Syndrome Common abnormalities % Scoliosis 60 Renal abnormalities 35 Sprengel deformity 30 Deafness 30 Synkinesis 20 Congenital heart disease 14
ZS 12 / F hypoplastic thumb, 10 46 XX clinodactyly dup (8) Sprengel deformity (g22;q26) t(7;17) pallor (p11;p11) splenomegaly (3 cm) hepatomegaly (5 cm) Case Treatment before Treatment AML 1.
Omovertebral bone associated with Sprengel deformity and Klippel-Feil syndrome leading to cervical myelopathy.