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Glasgow Tigers ace Australian Aaron Summers has just taken delivery of a new Mercedes Sprinter.
8 million Sprinters have been delivered to customers in around 130 countries worldwide.
In 2001, it introduced the Sprinter van into the U.
Mercedes-Benz today announced the arrival of the new Sprinter, the leader in the large van class, in the Middle East.
With the next Sprinter, which is currently in development, we will ultimately be dependent on the production capacities that we have currently made available to Volkswagen.
Alan Nevill of the University of Wolverhampton believes that Bolt epitomises the changing shape of world-class sprinters who are getting more "linear" - taller and leaner than their shorter, more muscle-bound predecessors.
She has an RPR of 133 and in the book A Century of Champions (1999), in which Tony Morris and I used a similar scale, Mumtaz Mahal and Habibti were the top-rated female sprinters on 132.
0-tonne Sprinter Long was fitted with an insulated body and freezer unit by RVL Northern, of Bradford.
In 2006, there were two sections of the men's 100 meters in the Prefontaine Classic, because at the time Justin Gatlin and Asafa Powell were the two hottest sprinters in the world and they were aiming for a bigger payday to run head-to-head.
I SEE the European 'sick note ' games have started and first in the queue are the sprinters, as always, closely followed by the field eventers and bringing up the rear are the relay team with the dropped baton routine.
2 in the sprinters division, below the recently retired Woke Up Dreamin, with the comment, ``Maybe he'll beat a real horse Oct.
The problem is that there are often only two carriages, when there could be four or even six; and the carriages are often the 142s/3s bus sprinters, which are rather rough and not all that comfortable to travel in.