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ResourccTotalLoss = sum of Earthquake damage to home + sense of life in danger + injuries to self and/or others; DSEtotal = Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale total score; and SAIawareness, SAIdisappointment, SAIgrandiosity, SAIreafistic, and SAIinstabiiity = five subscalc totals of the Spritual Assessment inventory (SAl).
Meanwhile, Iran's Spritual Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Friday that the Iranian nation is participating in another major examination.
That "women should embrace their 'feminine genius' or capacity for physical and spritual motherhood" discounts our other geniuses and continues to limit our potential.
THE BEST AMERICAN SPRITUAL WRITING 2008 Edited by Philip Zaleski Published by Houghton Mifflin, $28
The winger returned to his spritual home for less than half the pounds 21million Chelsea paid three years ago - a move many predicted would end in tears.
Great Spritual gifts and religious supply store, specializing in religious, mystical statuary supplies and contemorary gifts, including incense and aromatherapy products, candles and other unique gifts.
On the Indian subcontinent, Hinduism's emphasis on tolerance and pluralism has helped to knit together diverse ethnic and social groups, creating the rich spritual life and cultural fabric its followers enjoy today.
The gem of the Tate show is The Spritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan, in whose Wreathings are infolded the Nations of the Earth--certainly the most intriguing depiction of the 'Hero' of Trafalgar (Fig.
the medical * fear; treatment; * The nurse is focused on the * exhaustion; * the patient's patient's spritual family.
Within an hour of the announcement that Robbie Fowler would return to his spritual home, one fan had dusted off his old "Fowler No 9" shirt, pulled it on, and proudly paraded it through Liverpool City centre.
Dealing with the psychological and spritual aspects of menopause; finding hope in the midlife.
The Bishop was not much interested in what he called Hopkins's "system," that is, Hopkins's hermeneutical philosophy and the theology in his spritual writings.