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With it we literally revive the dead," wrote science fiction writer turned spritual guru Hubbard.
Also a Hindu Spritual Guru Asharam Bapu was caught in controversy for blaming the victim was responsible also.
7 ( ANI ): Denying the controversial remarks of Spritual Guru Asaram Bapu about the Delhi gang-rape victim, his spokesperson Nilam Dubey on Monday said that the media has created the whole issue by misquoting Bapu.
ResourceTotalLoss = sum of Earthquake damage to home + sense of life in danger + injuries to self and/or others; DSEtotal = Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale total score; = SAIawareness, SAIdisappointment, SAIgrandiosity, SAIrcalistic, and SAIinstability = five subscale totals of the Spritual Assessment Inventory (SAI); and STStotal ss total score.
The unambiguous spritual quest in Ranga Khush begins with a lengthy document on the screen right before the film starts.
White told the women that he was a witch doctor, a spritual healer and a palm reader.
Sheila Bridge's book examines the spritual side of feeling good rather than dressing well.
Avia compaixom dos pobres e mimguados, nom os leixamdo padecer imjuria; e sua larga maao, sempre era prestes a dar, omde quer que humanall homrra ou spritual proveito comseguisa seu dom (FERNAO LOPES, 1990, v.
Meanwhile, Iran's Spritual Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said on Friday that the Iranian nation is participating in another major examination.
That "women should embrace their 'feminine genius' or capacity for physical and spritual motherhood" discounts our other geniuses and continues to limit our potential.
THE BEST AMERICAN SPRITUAL WRITING 2008 Edited by Philip Zaleski Published by Houghton Mifflin, $28