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PICTURESQUE: the villages of the East Riding TUCKED AWAY: there are many beautiful sights off the beaten track BEACON: lighthouse at Spurn Head
Shakespeare's Ravenspur(gh) is the modern Spurn Head, the sliver of land that curves in a great hook into the mouth of the Humber and offered a natural haven for men stealthily setting foot on England's 'naked shore'.
The Holderness coast is eroding faster than any other in Europe while Spurn Head continues to grow each year, accumulating the material from higher up the coast.
Today Hull is the main port on the Humber estuary, but when the Danes ruled this part of the world they would have anchored at Ravenser, just inland of the present day Spurn Head.
Over the years, some very good horses have graced the Howick turf and these include Sylvester 11, Spurn Head, Sally On, Mr Worth, Fitz, Fixed Price, Hobo, Mandryka and more recently Chesnut Annie who is a nine-times course winner.
And the names of horses who raced there - Chingley Golden Heart, River Picnic, Cardiff Princess, Spurn Head, Sylvester 11, Stoney Bridge, First Wave and Dark Island will be music to the ears of those Cardiffians who, like myself, would catch the bus to Cowbridge and walk over the fields to the races.
The local team is forming part of a group covering a 117-mile stretch from Spurn Head to Roseberry Topping.
The book covers the coast from Staithes to Spurn Head, taking in Whitby, Scarborough and Filey.
Thanks to the Jenkins family, racing has been taking place on this popular racecourse since 1952 and the names of just some of the horses who have won there - Flint Jack, Ashburton, Cloud Castle, Spurn Head, Mr Worth, Chingley Golden Heart, Yellow Jersey, Mandryka and Octroi, who was unbeaten in nine races at Howick, will be music to the ears of many hunt-racing enthusiasts.
By River Prince, this big bay gelding won six times on the trot in 1954 with Wyndham in the saddle and, if my memory serves me right, in one of those races beat the prolific Spurn Head, ridden by Bill Jones at Penllyn.
Most enthusiasts, whose memories go back to the 1950s, will associate Bill with Spurn Head, a winner of 20 races, and on whom he had chalked-up his first winner under rules at Chepstow.