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The elevated water level moved along the coast with its crest starting at Spurn Head around 16.
This is Holderness: home to the lost villages trail that takes travellers from the rich, rolling wolds to the very tip of land and shingle that hooks out into waters off Spurn Head.
Head out with your binoculars The Spurn Head Heritage Coast consists of a long curving hook of shingle and sand arcing southwards into the mouth of the Humber.
Chingley Golden Heart, River Picnic, Spurn Head, Carberry Belle, Stoney Bridge and Mr Worth are just some of the popular horses that graced the old racecourse.
Over the years, some very good horses have graced the Howick turf and these include Sylvester 11, Spurn Head, Sally On, Mr Worth, Fitz, Fixed Price, Hobo, Mandryka and more recently Chesnut Annie who is a nine-times course winner.
Off Spurn Head, at the mouth of the River Humber, QM2 took a course towards the famous landmarks of Flamborough Head, Filey and Scarborough.
I soon became an ardent fan and would travel by bus to all the local meetings like Cowbridge, St Fagans and Bassaleg to follow my favourite horses Silvester 11, Spurn Head, Sally On and River Picnic.
The Stokesley team will form part of a group that cover a 117-mile stretch from Spurn Head to Roseberry Topping.